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Mindfulness Coaching the way forward …

Why have a Meditation/Mindfulness Coach?

“I don’t have time” is often the number one stumbling block to any change process. As a coach part of my job is to help you carve out time in your day to make positive changes in your life.

I support you in the process taking control of your thoughts so they stop controlling you. Together we create a space for inquiry and the space to ‘pause’ and look within. Sometimes looking within is an uncomfortable proposition. The disturbing, painful anxious stuff lives in the domain of our consciousness as well as the happy, wonderful resourceful stuff. We don’t always like what we see when we ‘look in’ at our thoughts and sometimes it’s tough, but once we see them we can let them go.
This coaching is designed to enhance your health and well-being by bringing the magic of meditation and mindfulness to mainstream personal development. It can support you:

  • Reduce stress and respond more creatively
  • Tap into the creative potential of the mind
  • Enhance resilience and self belief
  • Transform self talk
  • Cultivate presence and therefore dynamic living
  • Live with more creativity, joy and awareness
  • Defining Goals
  • Teaching clients how to bring Meditation skills into their everyday life

I have practiced Meditation and Mindfulness for 20 years and in the last 12 has led courses for awakening the heart and mind. Mindful Coaching is for educational and spiritual growth. As with any self development tool common sense should be applied and where people have serious emotional or medical conditions consent/advice from a health care professional is advised.

Achievable Outcomes

Coaches can answer questions that clients may have related to any aspect of their practice such as:

  • How to stay on track and increase motivation
  • Support and help overcome the barriers to meditation
  • Share insight into breath awareness and the benefits of relaxation as a preamble to meditation.
  • Offer advice on how to improve meditation and create discipline with your practice.
  • How to bring the benefits of meditation into your everyday life.

Seven SMART Foundations for Success Coaching

Seven SMART Foundations for Success Coaching to create success in your work life will definitely cover the following in a way which is unique for you:

  1. Defining you Vocation – your unique passion – doing what you love
  2. Self-Acceptance – identifying the ‘Real You’ and peeling back the conditioning and barriers to success.
  3. Accessing the courage to be the leader in your life and lead others by example
  4. Developing a clear vision for you and your market (we can never be all things to all people)
  5. Signature Service (s) and how people know  your USP Unique Service Point not Selling Point
  6. Living in alignment with the ‘spirit’ of your values to attract more abundance and effortless success.
  7. Discover why heartfulness liberates your talents and leads to meaningful success.

Send me an A4 synopsis of where you are now and where you would my support to get to.   Then we will have phone or mentoring sessions. This gives us a chance to get clear on where you are both personally and professionally.  From this we then work together to create your unique plan and the next steps you need to take to create your authentic success in your life, work and relationships.

We will cover the seven SMART foundations of your unique brand, and centre our awareness on the heart of what you are offering.  By getting clear on your unique brand we can then discover how you will deliver your USP. We’ll look at the leverage points where you can invest your energy to have the greatest impact for your effort.


1 75 minute session of telephone/Skype/face to face cost £90.00

3 – 75 minute sessions of telephone/Skype/face to faces sessions cost £240.00

6 – 75 minute sessions of telephone/Skype/face to face sessions cost £450.00

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