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Mindfulness Based Executive Coaching

Let’s face it, work can be really stressful.  None of us like the implications of stress, we know when we’re stressed we lose focus and patience.  This is tough on us and those working with us, as we just don’t deal with those who work for and with us as effectively.

The ‘S’ word as we call it these days effects our  personal lives and our professional lives, and people don’t want to admit to it, infact it’s easier to say it’s tough as many managers perceive Stress the ‘S’ word as some form of failure.  We’ve all become irritable with our family and friends, when under stress, because we’re just not as effective as we could be.

We use our mindfulness coaching strategies to:

  • Reduces workplace stress
  • Increase energy and concentration
  • Re-focus personal and professional goals
  • Harmonise relationships
  • Support organisation development projects
  • Build resilience personally and amongst teams

Learning and practicing mindfulness is about increasing your present moment awareness of yourself and others.  It enables us to cope with the busyness of everyday life; improve our relationships and let go of unsupportive behaviour.

We support guided daily practices around observing thoughts, feelings, physical sensations, and behaviours. Mindfulness takes effort, yet the excellent results in terms of our health and well-being make your mindfulness practice, worth it.  Support is vital in integrating mindfulness into overall company ethos.

In approaching companies, we support executives and employees in becoming more present to be more effective and achieve maximum results and success.  We offer structured learning to support day-to-day practice that we eventually and naturally unfold into daily life.

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